Supporting McCrossan Boys Ranch

The Sioux Valley Optimist Club of Sioux Falls had the opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch with the boys at the McCrossan Boys Ranch.  A donation of indoor and outdoor games worth $500 was donated to the group to enjoy.

McCrossan Boys Ranch is a private non-profit organization in Sioux Falls dedicated to providing a place for boys to grow into men. They reach out to boys between the ages of nine to 20 who have experienced conflict in their lives.  At McCrossan Boys Ranch the boys are surrounded with dedicated and caring individuals that are living examples to the life the boys are striving for. Through values, goals, education and skills they work to prepare these boys to live a balanced life outside the Ranch.

For more than 61 years, McCrossan Boys Ranch has changed the lives of many young boys and continues to provide the boys New Hope for a Better Life for many, many years to come. The Sioux Valley Optimist Club is proud to be a proud supporter of McCrossan Boys Ranch!


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