The Great Marshmallow Challenge!

The Sioux Valley Optimist participated in a “Fun Day” at their regular meeting.  The group was given a activity to engage their minds and cooperation abilities. The Marshmallow Challenge is the ultimate team building activity to challenge them in strategy and decision making as a group and being able to handle conflicts peacefully, appropriately, and maturely.

The challenge was pretty simple.  Each team must build a freestanding structure using the materials provided: spaghetti noodles, tape, string, and a marshmallow. The groups had a total of 18 minutes to plan and build their structures supporting a marshmallow on the top.

Every team took a different, ye “optimistic” approach.  The completed towers measured very nearly the same, with the winning structure standing proudly at 22.77 inches!

Congratulations to everyone for a very optimistic effort!


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