Optimist International Dime-A-Day



Optimist International Foundation is the fundraising arm of Optimist International, and works to develop funds to support the endeavors of Optimist International and its mission.

Optimist Oratorical Scholarship Contest is held every year and supported through the OI Foundation. Youth have the opportunity to win at local, district, region and international level. Just ONE of the reasons I’m an Optimist!

With just one dime a day, you can become part of the movement of “Helping Optimists Help Kids” and become part of a large group of Foundation supporters who realize what a difference they make every day in the lives of children.  Please join us in Bringing Out The Best in Youth, in Ourselves and in Our Communities!

Your donation of A Dime a Day – just $36.50 will make a big difference!

In the US:Donate Here

View Dime A Day form Here


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