Optimist learn about ACE Academy

Chloe Clements spoke to the Sioux Valley Optimists about the Accurate and Conscious Education Academy (ACE) is a new local nonprofit mixed age K-8 private school that caters to minority students. Their mission is to recognize and explore the potential of every student through culture, opportunity and access regardless of economic status.
ACE Academy aims to provide quality education that acknowledges the importance of culture while addressing the unique challenges posed to minority students and their families. The families served by ACE Academy often fall under state and federal poverty lines making private school education costs an unattainable dream. ACE Academy recognizes this and provides year-round full day education services as a part of its all-inclusive tuition for free. At ACE Academy we believe that each child should start school with the same advantages, that is why at ACE academy each child is provided with all necessary school supplies to start and finish the year. We never want additional costs, such as the cost of school lunch and daily snacks to be a deciding factor of a child’s education. Families can focus on attendance and school performance when they are not burdened by expensive tuition, equipment, uniform, lunch and supply costs.
Thank you Chloe for informing our members about ACE Academy.

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