Optimists support Khor Wakow Project

Jal is working to help children of Khor Wakow villages in South Sudan to give all children in the Khor Wakow villages, regardless or age or gender, access to education. He founded the Khor Wakow Project and works with community elders, families, and the children themselves to identify ongoing needs in order to improve their lives and increase their hope and faith.

It is estimated that over 99% of Khor Wakow’s inhabitants are illiterate. The children who do attend school in this area meet under a tree. There are currently 5000 students in 5 different sites that attend “Under Tree” schools. Many factors keep students, especially girls, out of the classroom, including household chores, gender inequality, poverty, and lack of basic resources. Addressing education is fundamental in helping individuals affected by war to rebuild their lives and their country.

The purpose of the Khor Wakow School Project is to construct a school and supporting infrastructure in the Dunyal village within the Khor Wakow area. Your contribution will go directly to making our school a reality. The Khor Wakow Project is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. A $15 donation will help us buy books or school supplies, $25 can buy one bag of cement, and $125 can buy five bags of cement for construction. A corn grinder costs $425.

The Sioux Valley Optimist Club is proud to support David Jal and the Khor Wakow Project with a donation of $1000 to help initiate a process of positive change for the children of South Sudan.


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