SVOC supports Compassion Child Care

Mr. Barry Termaat of Compassion Child Care was a quest speaker this past week for the Sioux Valley Optimist Club to give us an overview of their program.  Sioux Valley donated $1000 to the program to help support their efforts in furnishing classrooms in their new location.

Compassion Child Care opened its doors in April of 2012.  The need for affordable childcare in downtown Sioux Falls was evident, and many families have reached out for help.  Compassion Child Care provides services for 100 children, ages five weeks to five years old.  They have served over 250 children and ministered to over 200 families by providing excellent childcare and connecting parents with counseling, job training and other resources. 

They work to empower working-poor families with the means to access certified, comprehensive childcare at a price that enables them to stabilize their overall financial life. They provide scholarships to families in relation to their income and life circumstance and connecting parents with resources to budget effectively, receive counseling, and meet additional needs they have.

They also offer age-appropriate educational programs and set development goals for each child and communicate with parents regularly on educational and development goals.

There is no child care facility that currently is evangelical in their programming and specifically seeking to provide care to those with lower incomes. Compassion Child Care aims to bridge that gap and offer a fulfilling experience for children and families.

The Sioux Valley Optimist Club is proud to be a partner in helping to support this organization. To find out more about Compassion Childcare and how you can get involved, visit


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